BASF Verbund

Our unique Verbund concept is one of BASF’s greatest assets. The driving principle of the Verbund concept is to add value through the efficient use of resources. At our Verbund sites, production plants, energy and material flows, logistics, and site infrastructure are all integrated. BASF currently operates six Verbund sites worldwide: two in Europe, two in North America and two in Asia. 

The Verbund system creates efficient value chains that extend from basic chemicals all the way to consumer products. In this system, chemical processes make use of energy more efficiently, achieve higher product yields and conserve resources. By-products of one process are used as starting materials for another process. We thus save on raw materials and energy, minimize emissions, cut logistics costs and realize synergies. On a global scale, BASF achieves annual savings of more than €1 billion through its Verbund. BASF operates an additional 355 production plants worldwide, but the six Verbund sites produce more than 50% of our volumes. This is a testament to the importance and strength of the Verbund concept within BASF.

Around half of the Verbund savings stem from wastewater, steam and electricity cost savings compared to BASF’s non-Verbund sites as well as compared to publicly available data on industry cost averages. The remaining 50% of the cost savings are achieved in logistics and material handling due to our chemical integration (using pipelines instead of filling and transporting via truck/railway/ship). These benefits make the Verbund sites our most efficient sites.

Last Update June 17, 2019