Creditor Relations

Our financing policy aims to ensure our solvency at all times, limiting the risks associated with financing and optimizing our cost of capital. We preferably meet our external financing needs on the international capital markets.

BASF bonds – an attractive investment

  • Strategic focus on local production for local markets and on high-growth market segments, e.g., battery materials
  • Industry leader in shaping the transformation to net zero CO2 emissions with an ambitious carbon management program
  • Powerful innovation across a broad range of technologies to provide solutions for various customer industries and to increase our productivity
  • Diverse team of committed, capable and creative employees

BASF is a reliable and valued partner in financial markets. Thereby, cultivating the relationships with our key debt capital investors is an inherent part of our financing strategy.

Lars Budde
Dr. Lars Budde
Deputy Head of Investor Relations
Institutional Investors in Europe
Creditor Relations worldwide
Last Update May 2, 2024