BASF Research Press Conference

We create chemistry for a sustainable future. In addition to our efforts to become climate neutral ourselves, we are working on many products and solutions that support our customers, make the best possible use of existing resources and reduce CO2 emissions.
At the research press conference, we will present strategies and solutions for sustainable agriculture and mobility.

Birgit Lau
Corporate Media Relations
Research & Innovation

Sustainability starts in research

We boldly tackle the transformation of the economy and society, rely on innovations and be open to new technologies. This is the path we are taking resolutely and systematically at BASF. Research and development is the core of BASF and we have an incredible team. We will create the transformation.

Dr. Melanie Maas-Brunner

Member of the Board of Executive Directors and Chief Technology Officer


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Performance materials enable sustainable mobility

Plastics make an important contribution in electric vehicles. For example, they are used to achieve stable impact protection and safe electricity distribution, as thermally conductive adhesives and to color-code high-voltage components and connectors.

Dr. Simon Kniesel

Group Leader R&D Ultramid® Engineering Plastics Europe


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Keeping electric vehicles safe and cool

My team and I are developing new coolants for electric vehicles. They contribute to increased safety of battery vehicles and provide reliable corrosion protection in the cooling system.

Dr. Itamar Malkowsky

Senior Manager Technical Marketing Automotive Fluids


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Corrosion protection for electric vehicles

We developed a new electrocoat for electric vehicles. It meets established sustainability standards, protects the car’s body from corrosion and enables the reduction of CO2 emissions during production. The use of digital methods helped us to speed up the development.

Dr. Audrée Andersen

Director Development E-Coat & Simulation/Automation EMEA, BASF Coatings GmbH


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Hybrid wheat unlocking wheat’s full potential

Wheat is one of the world’s most important staple crops. At BASF, we aim to unlock the full potential of it. Our global breeding platform delivers locally tailored hybrid seed varieties. We are working to improve yield and yield stability in wheat.

Prof. Edward Souza

Global Head of Wheat Breeding


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Protecting crops sustainably with fungicides

Pioneering is part of our DNA, and so it is in research when developing sustainable crop protection products. We develop not only products and new technologies, but advance the way we innovate.

Manuel Medinger

Global Project Lead Revysol®


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Digital innovations for sustainable crop production

We all know we need to make agriculture even more efficient and environmentally friendly. We hear it from farmers, from partners and society. Our motivation at BASF Digital Farming: Enabling to produce crops more sustainably.

Bjoern Kiepe

Head of Agronomy xarvio®


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