Technical Services

Our portfolio

Our portfolio ranges from simple polymer-based fluidised-bed coatings, for example for piping components, to EPS-applied powder coatings.

  • Corrosion protection and optimisation of non-sticking properties with fluorpolymers (e.g. ETFE, E-CTFE, FEP, MFA, PFA, PTFE) on pipes, vessels, machines, agitators, measurement and control fi ttings as well as conductive coatings for applications in potentially explosive environments
  • Corrosion protection and non-sticking layers for inspection glasses (E-CTFE, PFA)

  • Polymer (PA11) corrosion protection on pipes for river water and wastewater applications and atmospheric corrosion protection for mesh trays, mountings and assembly elements.
  • Splinter protection using polyethylene (transparent PE) for glass components and apparatus

  • Fluoropolymer-based (FEP, MFA, PFA) non-stick coatings, e.g. for heat exchanger plates, impellers, filters, metal mesh etc.
  • Functional coatings, e.g. with MoS2 or PTFE to avoid seizure and contact corrosion with screw connections
  • Powder coating for pipe bundle heat exchangers (phenol epoxide resin systems)

(can be performed on site in production facilities)

  • Corrosion protection for vessels, columns, fan blades etc.
  • Wear-protection coatings
  • Repair of surface defects on pumps, blower wheels, bearing seats etc. as well as leak sealing