Technical Services

Tailor-made solutions

Standard processes very often do not help with coatings. We ask the right questions and solve virtually every challenge.

When it comes to coating of demanding components there are only seldom standards that guarantee safety and reliability over the long term, which is why you will not get an off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill product from us. Instead we will supply you with a solution that is exactly tailored to your needs. It is not just about the choice of the best coating material for the job, but of the entire process chain up to the finished coated part that matches all BASF quality criteria.

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Our coating systems and application technologies are specially designed for corrosion protection and improving the non-stick characteristics of components used in chemical production plants.
Our portfolio ranges from simple polymer-based fluidised-bed coatings, for example for piping components, to EPS-applied powder coatings.