Who we are

Core Topics

While the world’s population and its demands keep growing, the planet’s resources are limited.

Chemistry is an enabler to provide solutions for current and future societal needs – particularly for the following core topics.  


Urban Living

Housing and infrastructure are reaching their limits. As cities grow rapidly, so do the social, environmental and economic challenges.


of the world’s population lives in places where
air pollution exceeds WHO guideline limits.


Smart Energy

Increasing population and economic production put pressure on the earth’s limited resources. To secure our current lifestyle, we need to find more efficient energy sources.
On the English farm "The Grange", farmer Andrew Pitts brings modern agriculture and the protection of biodiversity together. The farm is supported by the European Farm Network, a BASF partnership with experts for agriculture and nature protection. Farmers as well as experts for agriculture and for nature conservation join their knowhow, create measures that increase sustainable farming and test them. 
Andrew Pitts monitors the quality and quantity of the harvest because only by profitability a sustainable business is possible.


The faster the world’s population grows, the more important it becomes to consider how we will feed everyone. 
IT Technician Works on Laptop in Big Data Center full of Rack Servers. He Runs Diagnostics and Maintenance, Sets System Up.


Digitalization presents big opportunities for us. Using digital technologies and data, we are creating additional value for our customers and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes.