Digital Business Models

With the help of digital technologies and data, we are developing new solutions and business models, thereby complementing our existing business and attracting new customers.


The “Lab Assistant” is a web-based application that enables customers to quickly find the right raw material and formulation ideas to create architectural coatings.

Through this platform, customers can easily obtain BASF application-driven raw material and formulation recommendations for their own product developments. Other features also include on-demand expert support from BASF, raw material sample ordering, and raw material and formulation comparisons just to name a few.

The “Lab Assistant” is easy to use, and runs on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Currently serving the architectural coatings industry in Europe, “Lab Assistant” will be rolled out to other regions and industry segments in the near future.  

More information on Lab Assistant for Architectural Coatings is available here.


In the near future, we will be able to support our customers in the gas treatment business through the OASE connect online platform. With the help of the platform, we strengthen our service and offer our customers real-time access to important information. The functionalities include, for example, a software that helps customers find the optimum settings for their system and set them accordingly.

Depending on the need, our customers can use one or more OASE connect functions. We are currently testing the offer together with some of our customers. We are using their feedback to develop and further enhance the software.

More information on our gas treatment business is available here.

BASF customers of the gas treatment business area can use the innovative, globally unique digital platform OASE® connect (photo) to design the operation of their plants more efficiently. It can also be used to store sample analyses, while at the same time users can learn more about gas treatment technologies with e-learning materials. Linked to OASE connect is the innovative OASE digilab tool, which enables real-time analysis of the gas treating agents used. This allows gas treating operations to be run particularly efficiently with the optimum treating agent composition in each case. Torsten Katz (left) and Agnes Dittel from BASF's gas treatment team helped develop the digital platform. With exactly 50 years of experience in 2021, BASF is one of the world's leading companies in gas treatment and offers customers from various industries efficient solutions for the treatment of different gases, for example natural gas, synthesis gas and biogas. Worldwide, these solutions are proving their worth for the company's customers in around 500 reference plants worldwide.

With our digital platform xarvio™, we help farmers to manage better with less.

With xarvio™ Scouting farmers can detect weeds, diseases, insects or the nutritional status of plants with nitrogen directly in the field via smartphone.

xarvio™ Field Manager enables simple monitoring of all crop activities in the field. Crop protection can be optimally dosed and applied at the right time - which protects the environment, saves time and money.


Save time and avoid costly missteps with Virtual Pharma Assistants, your interactive guides to browsing ingredients, optimizing drug formulations and navigating quality and regulatory compliance.