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BASF Report

With its Report for 2007, BASF published the first completely integrated depiction of its business activities, thereby taking the lead in sustainability reporting. The new format combined the financial and sustainability reports which had previously been separate. This helped BASF take the leading position in sustainability reporting – with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) awarding the maximum transparency rating of A+ for the 2007 report.

And another first: BASF recognized the increasing importance of the internet by publishing more detailed information on the topics covered in the 2007 report online, also in the form of films, images and interviews.

And in 2019? The current integrated report documents the economic, environmental and social performance of BASF in 2018. Using examples, the report clarifies how sustainability contributes to long-term company success and how BASF creates value for its customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, neighbors and the general public.