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Social Responsibility Report

In 2001, BASF added the final piece of its sustainability reporting. The company presented its first report on social responsibility (for the year under review 2000), thus supplementing the annual/financial report and the environment, health & safety report.

BASF was therefore one of the first companies to provide end-to-end reporting on sustainability by providing comprehensive information on three dimensions: economic, environmental and social commitments. And, as the company emphasized: accessible to and verifiable by all.

But in order to measure the social impacts of the 8,000 BASF products or their production sites in 39 countries at that time, a completely new data pool needed to be established.

Another first was the publication of “Social Responsibility 2000,” BASF’s first report on the social dimension of its business activities for the BASF Group worldwide.

To achieve even greater transparency in its social reporting, BASF had the social responsibility report (for the year under review 2001) verified for the first time in 2002.