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1921 / Explosion in Oppau

On September 21, 1921, the young Oppau plant is hit by a massive explosion. Over 500 lives are mourned; the plant and surrounding communities suffer major destruction. The incident occurs during routine blasts carried out to loosen ammonium sulfate nitrate fertilizer stored in a warehouse. In response to the explosion accident, BASF terminates the production of ammonia sulfate nitrate fertilizer and does not resume it until 1940 applying a modified process.

1921_1_Explosion_2566_Explosion 1921_NUR INTERN.jpg
The explosion crater in the Oppau site in 1921
1921_2_Explosion_Expl. in BASF 1921_1_NUR INTERN.jpg
Explosion damage: dwelling in the neighboring community Oppau in 1921