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1969 / Expansion of BASF Group

The merger with Wintershall AG, one of Germany’s oldest oil and gas companies, gives BASF access to its own petrochemical elements as of 1969. In 1990, Wintershall starts cooperating with the Russian gas group Gazprom in natural gas trading, and later also in natural gas production.

Erdöl Abfüllung bei der Wintershall AG, Erdˆl Abf¸llung bei der Wintershall AG
Crude oil filling at Wintershall AG, 1970
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Front apron for a car made of polyurethane, 1985

The acquisition of the Elastomer/Elastogran Group in Europe (100 percent stake acquired in 1971) paves the way for BASF’s entry into polyurethanes – foamed plastics that are used widely in automotive production as well as in sports and leisure items.

BASF Wyandotte Corporation (today BASF Corporation) in Geismar, 1988

Through the joint venture Dow Badische Chemical Company operated in cooperation with Dow Chemical Company, BASF prepared the ground for its present-day activities in the U.S. in 1958. In 1969, its American base is strongly expanded by acquiring Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation based in Wyandotte, Michigan. Since then, the company’s main plants in Wyandotte, Michigan, and Geismar, Louisiana, form a part of BASF Group.