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Other Countries, Other Conventions – Travel Reports From All Over the World

On behalf of BASF so-called commercial travelers are to be found anywhere in the world only a few years after BASF is founded in 1865. The accounts of their journeys not only provide insights into the land and the people, but also help to acquire local market knowledge.

During their trips, commercial travelers not only make contacts abroad and conduct sales conversations, but also gather impressions of foreign countries and cultures and record them on paper.

Accounts of another kind result from inspection trips that are regularly made when the location of a new BASF site has to be chosen. After returning from Brazil, for example, Wilhelm Pfannmüller, future member of the board, writes in 1955: “Brazil is and remains the country of the future. God is Brazilian.” As a result of his Brazilian travel, Guaratinguetá is selected as the site to build a new chemical plant in Brazil.