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Joint Success - Collaboration is a Priority

Cooperation, whether internally or with clients, partners and scientists, is an important success factor. For over 150 years, innovative products and solutions have been developed through cooperation in various forms.

To bring about solutions to various challenges, BASF collaborates with outstanding scientists again and again. In addition, interdisciplinary cooperation within BASF is a vital component of success. To date, ammonia synthesis, realized in 1913, is an outstanding example of both facets of cooperation.

In addition, BASF works closely with customers. What begins in 1891 as advising customers on the application of BASF products develops into problem solving for and with customers. Starting in the 1960s, this is supplemented by complete system development.

Investments, joint ventures and even acquisitions can also be understood as a form of collaboration. They complement BASF’s expertise, open up new markets or expand BASF’s portfolio.

With them, BASF merges expertise to produce new innovative solutions and products.