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Development Partnerships – Collaboration with Customers and Partners

BASF develops solutions together with customers and partners. Initially, the focus is on finding solutions to problems that occur when using BASF products. Today, cooperation with customers and partners starts in the development phase of new products in many cases.

At the latest with the establishment of the precursor to the future technical applications department (1891), customer orientation at BASF means more than just the spatial aspect and direct contact. This is because consulting on technical applications not only creates an indispensable interface between the market and the company. Rather, it is the seedbed for what is becoming increasingly important, namely the willingness to recognize customers’ problems and the ability to offer solutions.

In the course of this development, collaboration with customers to resolve problems already begins during the development phase of a project in many cases. Manufacturers of toys and sporting goods, for example, choose to develop products together with BASF.

A trend of so-called system solutions can also be observed, which has increasingly characterized BASF’s relationships with the automotive industry, in particular, since the 1960s at the latest. Customized, customer-specific solutions that are usually developed jointly are sought more and more. This leads to a change in customer relationships, and BASF is no longer just a material supplier, but also supports the entire process at the customer’s premises and together with the customer on-site, such in the case of automotive paints, for instance.