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Environmental Protection at the Ludwigshafen Site: Milestones

Still a sign of progress and growth: in the beginning of the 20th century, the chimneys of the Ludwigshafen plant smoke and smolder. In the meantime, enphasis has been placed on environmental protection not only at BASF's Ludwigshafen site.
1903   Purification of arsenic fumes
1905   Discoloration of effluents
1910   Fly ash catcher for factory chimneys
1920   Purification of wastewater containing hydrogen sulfide
1921   The beginning of energy production from waste and residue incineration
1960   The beginning of central residue incineration
1974   The commissioning of the wastewater treatment plant
1985   Exhaust air purification systems in all operations
1989   Inauguration of the new environmental monitoring center
1991   Inauguration of the ecology laboratory
1996   Introduction of the eco-efficiency analysis
1997   The first gas and steam power plant (combined cycle power plants)
2012   Nearly 100 percent power supply provided by efficient combined cycle power plants