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Solutions to Meet Global Challenges - BASF Innovations at a Glance

More than 150 years BASF – more than 150 years of innovation. The following examples, selected from several milestones in BASF´s research history, show clearly how innovations by BASF have helped to solve smaller and larger challenges in the past – and still do.

1869   With alizarin red, BASF synthesizes its first natural dye.
1897   BASF launches its “Indigo Pure BASF” onto the market.
1913   BASF starts producing ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers.
1927   Thanks to coal hydrogenation, it becomes possible to make fuel from coal.
1929   The synthesis of styrene launches the era of plastics at BASF.
1934   The magnetic audio tape is rolled out for the first time.
1949   With the herbicide U46, BASF launches its first crop protection product onto the market.
1951   BASF produces its successful product, Styropor, for the first time.
1970   With the production of vitamin A, BASF successfully enters a new area of work.
1974   With Basagran, BASF takes an important step in weed control.
1996   The first active ingredient in fungicides from the class of strobilurines is launched onto the market.
2008   The HPPO plant at the Antwerp/Belgium site goes into operation.
2013   BASF introduces the FWC™ four-way conversion catalyst.