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Arch Venture Fonds VII

Physical sciences, life sciences, and information technologies.

ARCH Venture Partners specializes in building up the concept stage for the creation of excellent startups originating from academic institutions and public and private research laboratories.

ARCH is one of the few venture capital companies of this size that concentrate on the development of businesses in the field of scientific research and the resulting new technologies. ARCH is a leading investor in pioneering discoveries in life sciences, physical sciences and information technology.

With a fund of a billion US Dollars, ARCH has helped to found and/or invested in the earliest venture capital rounds of more than 120 companies over the past 20 years.


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Chicago, USA


Seed stage fund investing in university and national lab spinouts with a focus on Biotechnology and Materials.



We are extremely pleased to have BASF Venture Capital as an investor and we welcome them as a partner in developing and commercializing new technologies. BASF has a long, distinguished history of technical expertise, industry achievement, and the nurture of emergent technologies. With such a broad base of success, BASF clearly understands the business and technical challenges faced by companies in the nascent stages of development

Keith Crandell

Co-founder and Managing Director of ARCH

Nils Christoph Koehler
Nils Christoph Koehler
Chief Financial Officer