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LanzaTech is the global leader in gas fermentation technology. The company provides novel and economic routes to ethanol, jet fuel and high-value chemicals from gas streams including industrial off-gases from steel and alloy mills; petroleum refineries, petrochemical complexes and gas processing facilities; syngas generated from any biomass resource (e.g. municipal solid waste (MSW), organic industrial waste, agricultural waste); and reformed biogas.  

LanzaTech’s unique microbial gas fermentation process provides a sustainable pathway to produce platform chemicals that serve as building blocks to products that have become indispensable in our lives such as rubber, plastics, synthetic fibers and fuels. The company’s technology solutions mitigate carbon emissions from industry without adversely affecting food or land security.

LanzaTech’s technology has been demonstrated at five industrial sites with over 40,000 hours of operation using steel mill waste gases (BlueScope Steel, NZ; Shougang Steel, CN; BaoSteel, CN; China Steel, TW) and approximately 30,000 hours using syngas from industrial MSW gasification (Sekisui, JPN).

LanzaTech’s first commercial facility is operating in China with Shougang Steel and four further commercial facilities are in the pipeline in India, South Africa, California and Belgium using a range of feedstocks. LanzaTech’s first commercial flight using a blend of drop in jet fuel produced from steel mill emissions took place in October 2018 with partner Virgin Atlantic.


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