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Sea6 Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Sea6 Energy is a leader in the production and processing of tropical red seaweed. The company has adapted its cultivation technology to the conditions in deeper water and adverse weather conditions and covers both parts of the value chain with its integrated business model. Sea6 Energy operates various plants for the further processing of red seaweed for different applications. In addition, Sea6 Energy has developed a proprietary process with which the red seaweed, which otherwise only has a shelf life of one to two days, remains fresh for up to 60 days.


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Bangalore, India


Innovative technologies for the large-scale cultivation and processing of red seaweed as a renewable raw material


We are extremely pleased to have BASF Venture Capital as an investor and we welcome them as a partner in developing and commercializing new technologies. BASF has a long, distinguished history of technical expertise, industry achievement, and the nurture of emergent technologies. With such a broad base of success, BASF clearly understands the business and technical challenges faced by companies in the nascent stages of development

Keith Crandell

Co-founder and Managing Director of ARCH

Ashwani Sai Ram
Ashwani Sai Ram
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