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Traive™ is a financial platform that digitizes the entire path of agricultural credit – from the farmer's demand to the financial market – and reduces the effort involved in obtaining and managing loans. The proprietary technology allows crop protection product manufacturers, traders, farmers, cooperatives and trading companies to review, register, manage and trade their loans on a single platform. In addition, artificial intelligence generates an immediate risk assessment that helps credit managers, banks and FinTechs make more targeted and dynamic decisions, reduce costs and mitigate financial risks through real-time monitoring of credit portfolio risk.


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São Paulo, Brazil and Minneapolis, USA


AI-based platform for agricultural credit


We are extremely pleased to have BASF Venture Capital as an investor and we welcome them as a partner in developing and commercializing new technologies. BASF has a long, distinguished history of technical expertise, industry achievement, and the nurture of emergent technologies. With such a broad base of success, BASF clearly understands the business and technical challenges faced by companies in the nascent stages of development

Keith Crandell

Co-founder and Managing Director of ARCH

Karime Hajar Alves
Karime Hajar Alves
Investment Manager