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Founded in New Zealand in 2016, WayBeyond creates technology for a better world. Its vision is to transform the agricultural industry so it can produce food sustainably for everyone on the planet.

WayBeyond’s expertise in data, artificial intelligence, and plant science is embodied in its future-focused farming solutions. FarmRoad – a farm management platform with powerful yield prediction and crop registration tools, and Folium – a climate monitoring system which harnesses readings from a network of wireless sensors to deliver detailed data across large growing areas. 

WayBeyond is a B2B business that advocates The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while supporting the next generation of growers through community education programs.


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San Francisco, California, USA


WayBeyond is a digital agronomy solution combining crop sciences, data and AI to increase crop yield and quality


Neal Okarter
Neal Okarter
Investment Manager