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EAVision is a world-leading technology enterprise of intelligent agriculture, dedicated to develop autonomous robotics using its cutting-edge technologies in computer vision. 

EAVision was founded in Silicon Valley in 2015. EAVision accomplished its first fully autonomous UAV in 2016, which was the first commercialized intelligent drone in plant protection industry. With the pioneering technologies in outdoor binocular vision and fully autonomous driving, EAVision has launched two platforms so far, i.e. EAP, the perception and control platform for multi-rotor UAV, and EGP, the perception and control platform for low-speed unmanned vehicles.

Developing the global leading stereovision and control technology, the team has solved the tough and long-existing problems of outdoor application of binocular vision, i.e. ghost, glaring, real-time calibration, etc. Key technologies include 1) neural network stereo vision perception, 2) 3-D map representing technology, 3) real-time parallel processing technology, 4) on-line calibration technology, etc.

With the advanced technology, world-class team, and solid commercialization progress, EAVision has proven its universal enabling power and unique sustainable competitiveness for diverse commercial applications.


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Pleasanton, California, USA


Advanced autonomous systems for the agriculture industry


Li Li
Li Li
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