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FortePhest Ltd.

Founded in 2017, FortePhest is a biotechnology company focused on crop protection.

FortePhest is developing a new technology to combat herbicide-resistant weeds and invasive plants. Inspired and informed by natural plant processes, the company supports crop protection on a global scale by implementing this technology.

FortePhest has pioneered the development of several classes of herbicides with a new mode of action to inhibit the growth of weeds, with no harm to high-value corn, wheat, and other important crops. FortePhest is developing proprietary herbicides (H-Forte) which disrupt the homeostasis of free amino acids in plant cells and selectively target a weed’s meristems, stopping developments of shoots and roots.


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Ness Ziona, Israel


Development of nature-inspired substances to combat herbicide-resistant weeds and invasive plants



Claus Hackmann, PhD
Claus Hackmann, PhD
Investment Director