Color and Design

Social and technological developments are constantly changing the way our world looks. Our living conditions and habits change and along with them, the products that surround us. Every change is reflected in materials and surfaces, as well as in the colors used for products. In order for a product such as a car to be perceived as current, attractive and true to its brand, OEM colors need to reflect the zeitgeist, even though they already have to be designed and determined several years in advance.

Our designers in the United States, Japan, China and Germany tackle these changes very early on and translate them into colors. Based on their research, a new color collection for the automotive industry is published each year with global and regional color trends. For BASF's annual Automotive Color Trends, our design team in Münster develops colors for the European market.

Die 65 Farben der BASF Automotive Color Trends 2019-20 – ACT/9 / The 65 colors of BASF’s Automotive Color Trends 2019-20 – ACT/9

Automotive Color Trends 2019-2020

ACT/9, the title of the Automotive Color Trends 2019-20, is a demand to shape the future with an active attitude. By analyzing technological trends and societal changes, the designers at BASF’s Coatings division translated this drive into a collection of future color inspirations for automotive surfaces. Four design studios from North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific worked within this collaboration. The focus on these regions creates a profound understanding of the respective markets and its color drivers.

Our Design Team in Münster

Katja Pauli, Florina Trost, Mark Gutjahr
Michaela Finkenzeller, Astrid van der Auwera