Research & Innovation

Today, we are already shaping the market of tomorrow – with innovative coating solutions and product-oriented research. As part of BASF's global research network, at our Münster site we create synergies with other units and lay the foundation for sustainable growth.

Coatings have to unite a whole range of properties, such as iridescent colors that can be applied perfectly, are sustainable and long lasting. We already offer products with these features today, including our waterborne basecoats. But that's no reason for us to stand still. Quite the contrary: Our design teams create some 65 new colors a year that embody regional and global color trends of the future. We also set standards for color effects, as XSpark demonstrates. The sparkling basecoat containing glass particles has recently won the Red Dot Design Award in one of the most high-profile design competitions. But our paints offer more than meets the eye at first glance. In order for our coatings to retain their unique appearance as long as possible, we continuously work to improve their protection from UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and scratches. Our highly scratch-resistant iGloss clearcoat significantly reduces the number of microscratches such as those that occur at the carwash.  

As with our coating solutions, we also focus on innovation and sustainability when it comes to our processes. We work on new, more energy-efficient application methods such as Integrated Process II and manufacture products to fit these methods. Furthermore, our New Business Development team is constantly on the lookout for new application opportunities for our coating-related know-how. After all, one thing is for certain: We are future-oriented and intend to stay that way.


Automotive OEM Coatings

Application, drying and cleaning. These actions may sound easy, but when it comes to coating, they are quite complex. At the paintlines of the automotive plants, a wide variety of application methods are used. For this reason, at the Münster and Würzburg sites, we have used a robot since 2012 that simulates these individual application conditions at the OEMs’ plants. The multifunctional application robot, or M-ROB for short, is controlled via software developed by BASF. This allows us to develop new colors for our automotive customers and adapt products to their needs even better. In order for us to raise our customers' service and quality standards worldwide, we also utilize the robot at the sites in Guadalajara, Spain, and Totsuka, Japan.

Further innovations from our automotive OEM unit:

Trainingszentrum in des Unternehmensbereichs Coatings der BASF in Münster

Automotive Refinish

No matter how innovative a new coating created in our labs may be, if its viscosity is too high or too low and it cannot be applied flawlessly, it is not launched on the market. To prevent this, our employees in the Automotive Refinish unit test new products at the Refinish Competence Center (RCC) in Münster. Experienced spray painters test how the new paint can be applied under realistic conditions and suggest possible improvements. We perform these kinds of tests in Münster, as well as in Clermont, France and at other sites. The RCCs also serve as training centers. We have a network of over 70 training facilities worldwide. Under ideal conditions, spray painters with outstanding training instruct bodyshop employees to use our premium products.