Social Engagement

People are unique when it comes to their diverse interests, and each educational path is just as unique. For this reason, we promote a wide range of training opportunities. Our goal is to make young people excited about the natural sciences and support up-and-coming researchers.

We have a passion for paint that goes far beyond the product. In order to infuse others with our enthusiasm for the glossy material and its long history, we opened the Museum of Lacquer Art in Münster in 1993.


Looking out for our neighbors is the key to living together in harmony. That's why we are actively involved in a number of projects in the vicinity our of site, ranging from support for senior citizens by our trainees to repairing weather-related damage to Münster's green belt, the "Promenade".

Sports create a basis for health, promote team spirit and are an important way to offset sedentary activities. We therefore aim to convey the importance of exercise and sports to children and young people.