Sustainability at the Münster Site

We develop modern paint systems that provide long-lasting protection from corrosion, UV radiation and weathering impacts. In so doing, they improve product longevity and thus protect resources and the environment. We set our focus on sustainable solutions and continually research new and efficient products and processes that help us and our customers to reduce energy and material consumption, for example.


Our Münster site meets all legal environmental standards, the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, the energy management standard ISO 50001 and our customers' requirements, for example, the ISO/TS 16949 technical specification for the development of a quality management system for the automotive industry. We also reduce our need for energy and our emissions in our production.

For example, we reduced natural gas consumption by remodeling the waste-air treatment in the resin plant to use a more efficient method.

Infrastructure Plants

We take our responsibility for environmental protection seriously. In Münster, we have taken various environmental protection measures, some of which are unique in the paint industry sector.


Waste Incinerator

Whether it's packaging with paint residues, filter material or liquid waste: in the waste incinerator we burn waste that develops during paint production. A special achievement is our use of the heat that develops directly at our site, which allows us to cover nearly one-third of the site's thermal energy demands. We are the only paint manufacturer in Europe to have its own waste incinerator.

Combined Heat and Power Plant

At the heart of our combined heat and power (CHP) plant is a generator with around 6,000 horsepower that fuels a block heat and power plant. We use the CHP principle to generate both electricity and heat. We feed the generated electricity into our site grid and can use it to cover a bit more than a quarter of our annual power demand ourselves, thus relieving the public grid. We use the waste heat for heating in the site's own heating network. We put the plant into operation in November 2015.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

At the Münster site we run a mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plant and we are world's only paint manufacturer to do so. In the treatment plant, countless bacteria cultures clean the water, removing up to 98 percent of the organic compounds contained in it. The remaining sewage sludge is dried and then used in our waste incinerator to produce heat. The wastewater treatment plant was put into operation in 1972 and was exemplary for BASF's large-scale wastewater treatment plant in Ludwigshafen.