Our environmental, health, safety and energy policy

BASF Coatings manufactures high quality paints and coatings which protect surfaces against damage from the external influences of the elements and decorate them. We are therefore making an important ongoing contribution to the sustainable use of resources.

Environmental protection, health and safety and efficient use of energy enjoy a high status in our daily work. We commit ourselves to the principles of Responsible Care®.
This is demonstrated by our eagerness to achieve and maintain the following goals:

  • Zero accidents
  • Zero work related diseases
  • No negative, irreversible environmental impacts resulting from our operations and products
  • Efficient use of energy

We comply with all statutory requirements. We continuously improve our processes and products and,in doing so, we improve our safety and environmental protection performance as well as energy efficiency. We follow the principle of preventing adverse impacts on people and the environment. Unavoidable impacts are reduced to acceptable levels by the use of appropriate techniques.

Our contractors conform to our safety and environmental standards.

We actively inform our workforce and the public about the safety and environmental impacts of our corporate activity and maintain a trusting working relationship with the authorities.
Safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency criteria are considered while choosing products and services.

All our actions are therefore designed with sustainability in mind, and every BASF Coatings employee is committed to this.