The environmental monitoring center – available round the clock

The most important measurement values relating to the atmosphere, water and noise levels are brought together in the environmental monitoring center, the contact for environmental issues of all kinds round the clock, for employees and residents. All enquiries are taken seriously! The team consists of highly specialised laboratory workers and engineers.


The environmental monitoring center continuously monitors the environment: Five measurement stations on the periphery of the facility premises record the most important atmospheric values such as levels of ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide and carbon monoxide. Ten manoeuvrable cameras observe the air space above the works and ten stations measure the noise pollution. The monitoring journeys taken several times a day outside the works premises rely primarily on the human sense of smell, as in many cases the nose is much superior to technology, able to perceive even traces of chemical compounds. Environmental measurement vehicles are also equipped with various devices for measuring the quality of air and water. A measurement vehicle is also deployed in Mannheim.

Monitoring water quality

Before waste water from production enters the sewage treatment plant or the Rhine, the environmental monitoring center monitors the water quality. The team also monitors all cooling water outflows into the Rhine. In the case of operational malfunction, environmental measurement vehicles respond together with the fire service. This allows the environmental center to immediately investigate environmental impact, generating initial analysis data as far as possible.

The environmental monitoring center also immediately investigates observations reported from outside about possible environmental pollution. One phone call to 60-4040 is enough.