More space for work and private life

BASF is a company that takes its social responsibility seriously and promotes the compatibility of work and private life.

Many younger employees, for example, ask themselves how they will be able to combine child care and professional life. For older employees, caring for family members is becoming increasingly important. Through a wide range of offers, BASF creates conditions that make it easier for employees in different phases of life to manage their careers and their individual challenges. Because our employees are the key factor for the company to remain successful. 


Expecting parents experience many changes in the private, but also in the working area. To be prepared for this, BASF offers its employees support on the topic of pregnancy, parental leave and re-entry. This includes, for example, information sessions, mentor programs and internal qualification opportunities.

With a total of 263 places, LuKids is one of the largest company childcare facilities in Germany. There are 260 places available for children aged six months to three years. At LuKids Adhoc, the emergency care, up to three places are available for children from the age of six months to the age of eleven, if personal childcare is cancelled at short notice and unexpectedly.

The holiday programs offer parents with little children as well as school-age children the option of also meeting their professional requirements during holidays. Children of BASF employees between three and 14 years of age can participate in one of the multifaceted program weeks during the local Easter, summer and fall holidays.

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Compatibility of work and private life requires flexible working models. BASF supports its employees with numerous tried and tested, but also new instruments for adapting their working hours and workplace to personal circumstances. These instruments include flexible working hours, part-time work, mobile working, and leave options that provide the necessary freedom, for example, to care for children or family members. We are continuously working to expand these options and are increasingly promoting the effective use of digital solutions. 

We have formulated guidelines for more flexibility where, when and how employees work. If it is compatible with the job, these options have become an integral part of our employees' everyday working lives.

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Accidents, handicaps, sickness – the need for care has many faces and knows no age. Insidiously or suddenly, everyday life changes, becoming a challenge for those affected and their relatives. Moreover, the increasing percentage of elderly people in the population, combined with a higher life expectancy, means that an increase in the need for care is to be expected.

BASF supports employees with relatives who require care in many different ways. This includes care consulting, information sessions, exchanges of experiences and the option of using the multifaceted flexible working models. Moreover, there are various leave options for the care of relatives who require care. The Family Care Time Act is supplemented by an internal agreement that allows employees to extend their legal claim to a reduction of working hours from two years to up to six years.