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Statement Ukraine

BASF strongly condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine and the violence against the civilian population. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and hope that this war ends as fast as possible.

A crisis team continues to support BASF employees in Ukraine. To help people in Ukraine, BASF provided €1 million in emergency aid to the German Red Cross at the end of February. In addition, BASF employees are supporting Ukrainian colleagues with more than €2.1 million as part of an employee donation campaign. BASF is doubling this amount in support of Ukrainian refugees, bringing the total from the employee donation campaign to €4.2 million.

BASF has not conducted new business in Russia and Belarus since March 3, 2022, in light of the war of aggression on Ukraine ordered by the Russian government. In addition, BASF also wound down nearly all of the company's remaining business activities in Russia and Belarus at the beginning of July 2022.

Exempt from this decision is business to support food production, as the war risks triggering a global food crisis.

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Last Update April 27, 2022