The label refers to the analyzed customer benefit.

Eco-Efficiency Label

BASF SE has developed a label for products that have been evaluated by an Eco-Efficiency Analysis. The awarding of the label is dependent on demanding requirements: After conclusion of the analysis a third party evaluation (peer review) is requested. Furthermore, publication of the results of the analysis will be undertaken via internet.

The label can be carried on for three years. After that period, a revision of the analysis is required due to cover market developments and product diversity.


  1. Completed Eco-Efficiency Analysis according to the methodology described by NSF International (USA).
  2. Verification of the investigated product to be more Eco-Efficient for the defined customer benefit than other alternatives as result of the analysis.
  3. Presentation of a third party evaluation (so-called Peer Review according ISO 14040).
  4. Publication of the results via internet on website which is referred to on the label:
  5. Payment of the license fee for the duration of three years.