Energy and Climate protection

Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges facing society. For BASF, climate protection is a key task and an essential part of our strategy.

We support the objective of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius. Above all, we want to combat climate change through our skills in applying innovative solutions to address new challenges.

BASF is committed to economically efficient and ecologically effective global climate protection and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal "Climate Action". This can only be successfully achieved together, in dialogue with policy and society, as well as in strong partnerships for climate protection.

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BASF calculates CO2 footprint for all sales products

New digital application to calculate Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) for 45,000 sales products in the course of 2021, creating transparency for customers. 
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Our climate protection solutions

Our products are involved in a large number of climate protection technologies in a wide range of sectors.
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Our climate protection goal

We have defined ambitious targets for climate protection and increasing energy efficiency.
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Our Carbon Management 

In order to enable further substantial CO2 savings, completely new technologies are needed, which we are already starting to look into.
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Reducing emissions along the value chain

We are working in our own production and with our partners along the value chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Our corporate carbon footprint

Each year we are reporting emissions along the BASF value chain and the contribution of products in our portfolio to avoid emissions.
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BASF in CDP as well as in further indices and rankings

Since 2004 we are reporting to the CDP Climate Change program.
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Our global commitment

BASF supports the Paris Agreement on climate change and advocates for ambitious global climate protection.
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Energy and climate policies

BASF participates in the political debate and strives for sustainable solutions.