Grievance mechanism

We foster an open feedback culture, where anybody can speak up if something does not feel right. We offer a worldwide operational-level complaints mechanism. Critical issues, concerns and complaints are always heard. We take on critical questions and listen to all grievances, addressing all concerns that are brought forward to us. We strive for appropriate remediation by the responsible party and do not tolerate retaliation against anyone who brings forward a grievance in good faith.


Our Compliance Hotline offers an opportunity to raise concerns confidentially and even anonymously. Because using an external provider helps to ensure confidentiality, the hotline is operated by an external administrator of telephone and web-based hotline services. A toll-free telephone number option or a website option can be used for filing reports. The hotline is available to all BASF employees and third parties, enabling everyone to report human rights and environmental risks and violations in BASF’s operations or in the value chain.

See the FAQs for more information.

We also encourage and promote open dialog with all our stakeholders to develop a mutual understanding of relevant issues and enable meaningful consultation. Community Advisory Panels are established near several BASF production sites for open and honest dialog between citizens and site management. When collaborating with others, we strive to reduce negative interactions and promote positive effects. These forums consist of senior representatives from the respective site and stakeholders from the surrounding communities. Should residents or neighbors have any concerns or complaints about our behavior, they can let us know and voice them via the forum.