Sustainability at BASF

Never have there been so many people on Earth as today. The world population will exceed nine billion in 2050. The need we have on food, clothing, housing, technology and much more are growing every day – but the planet’s resources are finite.

As the world’s leading chemical company, we combine economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility. This is summed up in our corporate purpose: “We create chemistry for a sustainable future.”

Eine Fläche von rund 64.000 Quadratmetern - das entspricht 13 Fußballfeldern - umfasst der Steamcracker II, die größte einzelne Anlage am Standort Ludwigs­hafen der BASF. Der Cracker ist auch das "Herzstück" der Verbundproduktion. Seit 1981 ist dieser Gigant in Betrieb und spaltet unter Zusatz von Wasserdampf bei etwa 850 Grad Celsius Rohbenzin auf. Dabei entstehen im wesentlichen Ethylen und Propylen, beides unverzichtbare Grundstoffe für die Herstellung vieler Produkte in Ludwigshafen.


We are passionate about research and new ideas that form the starting point for developing the products and solutions by which we help to meet the current and future needs of society worldwide. Acting sustainably is of utmost importance to ensure our long-term business success.

Der BASF-Verbundstandort in Geismar, Louisiana, liegt am Mississippi und produziert Chemikalien, die einen wichtigen Beitrag zu unserem wirtschaftlichen Erfolg und unserer Lebensqualität leisten. Mit einer Größe von zehn Quadratkilometern und 22 Produktionsanlagen ist Geismar der größte BASF-Standort in Nordamerika. Der Standort beheimatet einen Wildpark und schöne Eichenbäume.


We aim to use natural resources as sparingly as possible. We support our customers in balancing environmental, social and economic interests. For this, we use independently proven scientific methods such as the Eco-Efficiency Analysis and Sustainable Solution Steering™.

Grandfather and grandson standing on wooden dock

Social Responsibility

We are working every day to minimize risks for our employees, the environment and our customers. We base our efforts on globally uniform standards for environment and safety, health protection, product stewardship, and compliance, as well as for labor and social standards. Openness and a constant exchange with colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders as well as experts from science, economy, politics and the media are particularly important for us.


Corporate Volunteering

Is social engagement and volunteering important to you? It is important to us as well. This is why we at BASF support the volunteering of its employees. For example, social team-events are very popular. Here, teams work together with a local nonprofit-organization for a day and experience activities which are different from their everyday-tasks, while strengthening their team-spirit. BASF teams have for example renovated a local youth center, created a playground for a public swimming pool and organized a field trip with residents of a nearby senior citizens’ home.


BASF employees volunteer all across the globe: In 2015, the company conducted an idea contest called “Connected to Care”. Employees were able to submit ideas for social projects and realize them together with colleagues, friends and in cooperation with a nonprofit-organization. BASF supported the most popular projects financially and provided day offs – because we want to shape what really matters to us.