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BASF in China

A look at 130 years of BASF history in China (1885 - 2015)

To mark BASF's 150th anniversary, in 2015 the book "Breaking New Ground. The History of BASF in China from 1885 to Today" was published. In it, author Michael Grabicki, for many years (until 2012) head of Corporate Media Relations at BASF, traces 130 years of BASF's development in China: from the company's first successes with the sale of dyes from 1885 to its extensive involvement with a network of competitive production sites and modern research facilities in the more recent past. In addition to the evaluation of original documents from archives of BASF and other companies, numerous impressions and experiences of active and former BASF employees, but also of partners from business and politics, have been incorporated into the book. 

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The cover picture shows an early dye label used by BASF on its synthetic indigo packaging at the beginning of the 20th century.