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From pipeline to company car, cargo container to airline ticket, naphtha to ethanol: we procure more than €30 billion worth of products and services for BASF every year. Our procurement activities include nearly everything that’s needed for the BASF products: raw materials, technical goods and services, as well as logistic solutions. We collaborate with competitive suppliers who add value for BASF and our customers.


For a differentiated response to specific market requirements, the BASF procurement organization is divided into four global and four regional procurement units. The global procurement units are Global Direct Procurement, Global Indirect Procurement, Global Logistics Procurement and Global Traded Products Procurement. Regional procurement units are responsible for procurement in the four BASF regions of Asia Pacific, Europe as well as North and South America.

  • Direct Procurement includes everything that is inherently connected to a product sold by BASF, e.g. raw materials
  • Indirect Procurement refers to the procurement of goods and services that are indirectly connected to the production of a product sold by BASF, e.g. technical equipment, travel services, packaging or information services
  • Logistics Procurement buys transporation services for oversea shipping and air freight and rents tank storage facilities

We expect not only reliable quality and service from our suppliers but also inventiveness and flexibility. Our aim is not to settle for the easiest solution based on best price but to add value in a way that contributes to BASF's long term success.

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