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Quality Standards

Optimized invoice handling means shorter processing times and thus allows payments according to the payment terms of the purchase order. In this context invoice quality is a key factor to allow a high degree of automation and guarantees a reduction in manual effort on both sides.

By implementing the quality standards described in this leaflet you can also play an active part in improving invoice processing times. Please note that invoice quality has become an integral part of our vendor assessment.

We thank you for your cooperation!

Invoice Sample

Example of an invoice that matches BASF Quality Standards*  

Invoice quality requirements

  • The correct BASF purchase order number is stated on the invoice
  • The invoice refers to only one purchase order
  • The billing address is identical to the billing address quoted on the purchase order Quality Standards example
  • The currency is stated in ISO code (e.g. EUR)
  • The gross, net and tax amounts are stated on the invoice
  • Your VAT ID, as well as the BASF VAT ID, are stated on the invoice List of VIT IDs
  • The invoice details match the corresponding purchase order (price, order unit, delivery date, payment terms)
  • Your bank account details are stated on the invoice
  • Content is typed, not handwritten
  • Ideally the invoice should have a white background to guarantee a good contrast
  • Compliance with the VAT requirements (e.g. name and address of the vendor, description of service , timeframe of service, etc.)


Additional requirements for the exceptional case of an invoice without a Purchase Order Number

  • Enter one of the following 3 BASF-specific references additionally to the quality requirements on the invoice:
  • E-mail of the requisitioner (e.g. sam.sample@basf.com)
  • User ID of the requisitioner (e.g. USERID SampleS)
  • Cost center of the requisitioner (e.g. cost center DM123456)