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The BASF Brand

Through different brand touch points, the BASF brand proves every day that it stands for connectedness, innovative solutions, value-adding partnerships and sustainability. To maintain and strengthen our position as the world’s leading chemical company, ongoing professional brand management is required.

The BASF brand and our corporate strategy

BASF’s success as an integrated global chemical company relies on having a strong brand. Our brand and mission are manifested in our strategy and our corporate purpose – “We create chemistry for a sustainable future” – as well as our values. “Connected” describes the essence of the BASF brand. Connectedness is one of BASF’s great strengths. Our Verbund concept – realized in production, technologies, the market and digitalization – enables innovative solutions for a sustainable future. The claim “We create chemistry,” as stated in the BASF logo, helps us embed this solution-oriented strategy in the public perception. Our brand creates value by helping communicate its benefits for our stakeholders and our values.

Wherever our stakeholders encounter our brand, we want to convince them that BASF stands for connectedness, innovation and intelligent solutions, value-adding partnerships, an attractive working environment and sustainability. This contributes to our customers’ confidence and to our company value.

We are constantly developing our brand image. We regularly measure awareness of and trust in our brand and our company. A global study commissioned by us and conducted worldwide every two years by an independent market research institution again showed in 2018 that, in terms of awareness and trust, BASF is above the industry average in numerous countries. Our goal is to continue increasing awareness of BASF in all of our relevant markets.