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25 Years of Sustainability at BASF

1994 marked the beginning of BASF’s commitment to the concept of sustainability. The concept became one of the drivers of growth and has been an integral part of the purpose of the company since 2011: We create chemistry for a sustainable future.


Implementation, management and transparency. These fields of action can be used to map the development of sustainability at BASF since 1994. But to what extent is the concept firmly ingrained in the company and integrated into its daily business? Which of its own instruments does BASF develop to effectively assess and manage sustainability? How has BASF opened its actions in the areas of economics, ecology and social commitment for discussion since 1994?

Discover how BASF has repeatedly set new benchmarks in these areas for the past 25 years! 

Each of the three pillars of sustainability – economics, ecology and social commitment – have a long tradition at BASF. We have also compiled milestones in their respective development for you. In addition, we will provide a short look back at the origin of sustainability as a term.

How has BASF taken action for sustainability since 1994 and where does it stand today?

Watch the interview with our sustainability pioneers.

What happened in 1994?

Watch the interview with Dr. Rolf-Dieter Acker, former head of the BASF central department public relations.