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Sustainability at BASF

Chemistry for a sustainable future

We want to contribute to a better world with enhanced quality of life for everyone. That is why we have firmly anchored the three pillars of sustainability – the economy, environment and society – into our corporate purpose, our strategy, our targets and our operations. They are the core of what we do, a driver for growth and an element of our risk management.

We believe that chemistry has a critical role to play in achieving greater sustainability. We are determined to move forward in this respect.

Our focus

We make the transformation go faster


We have no time to lose.
If our planet is to remain livable for future generations, humanity must collectively pick up the pace to build a more sustainable future.

We believe that the power to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time – such as climate change – lies in innovation.

BASF’s solutions can be an accelerator for many of these innovations.


Our vision

We are empowering our customers to become more sustainable with our solutions.
But, since our production is CO2 intensive, we go one step further: We are reinventing the way we produce chemistry along the entire value chain. In this endeavour, we are guided by two fundamental principles: First – Our targets are ambitious. Second – Our commitments are realistic.


Our topics

Transformation of our production sites

Climate protection is of central importance to us. That is why we are driving our transformation towards climate neutrality in all regions. This is how we are reducing CO2 emissions at our major production sites.