AcroFiltrex - the diverse water based binders for better filtration and protection 

Effective air filtration has long been an essential component for modern industries. From automotive air filters for passenger cars to industrial filters for gas turbines, filters play a key role in removing contaminants to protect engines.


Benefits of water-based binders

Difference between  water and solvent-based binders

AcroFiltrex are water-based binders designed for better filtration and advanced protection. We offer a line of 3 categories of binders: AcroFiltrex CLASSIC, PURE and PLUS

AcroFiltrex CLASSIC binders provide excellent water resistance, high physical strength, and exceptional stiffness. Their high performances enable filters to withstand tough conditions, even at high humidity and temperature levels, granting them the top positions. 

Comparing AcroFiltrex CLASSIC with other products on the market

In an effort to increase the safety and sustainability of our products, we go an extra step to design AcroFiltrex PURE: a series of no-formaldehyde added binders with low VOC for filtration applications. These binders also have upgraded wet strength, reinforced chemical and heat durability to excel in the toughest environments. 


*Substrates may contain low levels of formaldehyde

AcroFiltrex PLUS is your best option if you are looking to differentiate your filters in the competitive market. BASF creates binders with advanced functionalities designed to excel in niche markets. Binders with flame retardancy, formaldehyde abatement, or ultra hydrophobicity properties are now achievable with AcroFiltrex PLUS binders.

Flame Retardant of AcroFiltrex Plus
AcroFiltrex Plus moisture absorption ability

Empowering functions by Acrodur®

Acrodur® is an all-rounded crosslinking agent designed to perform in a variety of contexts. The addition of it into the AcroFiltrex products greatly improves the mechanical properties of the resultant filter. 

Empowering functions by Acrodur
Strengthening AcroFiltrex with Acrodur

✓   Melamine formaldehyde completely replaced with Acrodur®

✓   Formaldehyde free: eco-friendly for the full life cycle of the filter

✓   Greatly improved wet stiffness, tensile and burst strength

✓   A completely new level of water resistance, chemical and heat durability

✓   Improved flame retardancy

Carbon footprint reduction solution

Benefits of biomass balance approach

BASF’s biomass balance approach contributes to the use of renewable raw materials in its integrated production system, and can be applied to AcroFiltrex products.

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AcroFiltrex Collection Overview

AcroFiltrex Portfolio – Overview of performance
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