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Paper Coatings

Paper and paperboard coatings

Binders and additives coating paper and board

Our primary focus is bringing cost optimization and improved appearance and functionality to our customers. We understand the challenges that come with a changing market and our products provide answers to today’s market demands for coated paper and board. Our solutions for sustainable paper packaging focus on migration barriers for food safe packaging and other barrier solutions which help improving the sustainability of paper packaging in general. 


  • Coated paperboard
  • Coated printing paper
  • Paper and board for food packaging
  • Coated speciality papers
  • Coated paper labels
  • Corrugated board


STYRONAL APEX is a styrene butadiene binder designed to allow manufacturers of coated paper and paperboard to optimize their formulations for cost-in-use savings. STYRONAL is part of the APEX high strength binder platform, which now encompasses styrene acrylic, styrene butadiene and vinyl acrylic emulsions. Our STYRONAL APEX line enables performance characteristics such as improved binding power, better water retention and less tendency to pick during offset printing.


ACRONAL APEX is a styrene acrylic binder designed to allow manufacturers of coated paper and paperboard to optimize their formulations for cost-in-use savings. ACRONAL is part of the APEX high strength binder platform, which now encompasses styrene acrylic, styrene butadiene and vinylo acrylic emulsions. Our ACRONAL APEX line enables performance characteristics such as improved binding power and the right balance of stiffness and flexibility to minimize crack at fold concerns during converting.  


ACRONAL grades are aqueous dispersions based on copolymers, consisting of acrylic esters and styrene with a solid content of approximately 50%. Advantages of these dispersions are excellent print evenness in offset and rotogravure and a very low level of thermo- and UV-yellowing and odor. Our Acronal products enable performance characteristics like binding power, good printability for all common printing processes and excellent runability even at high machine speed.


STYRONAL grades are aqueous dispersions of copolymers of styrene-butadiene with a solid content of approximately 50%. Just like our ACRONAL product range, our STYRONAL products are designed to achieve excellent performance characteristics in regards to binding power, printability, and runability.


Due to a continuous upward spiral in the costs of raw materials, costs for coating binders have increased dramatically in the past years. At BASF, we have consequently put our R&D-emphasis on the reduction of costs for raw material. With our cost-efficient binders (CEBs) we have succeeded to do so by optimizing the stabilization and additive system. Being the frontrunner for innovations, we will continue to strive for constant enhancement of our CEB technology.


BASONAL is a customizable binder that can be tailored to provide customers with specific performance requirements. This binder can optimize the binding power, blister resistance, printing properties or other technical requirements of your coated paper using our monomer matrix concept.


The Sterocoll product line from BASF comprise rheology modifiers and water retention additives for use in paper and paperboard applications. Sterocoll products are synthetic thickeners with varying levels of thickening efficiency, water retention, and rheology designed for your specific coating application method. Sterocoll are mechanically and shear stable and meet the requirements for most end use applications requiring food contact compliance.


Anionic wetting agents and surface modifiers that are used to improve the stability and runnability of coating colors applied by curtain coating.


Glyoxal based insolubilizers which can be used to crosslink with hydroxyl containing polymers such as protein and PVOH, as well as for compounds containing anhydroglucose units utilized in many paper coating formulations. Curesan’s are available in both a blocked (longer pot life) and unblocked (faster reacting) versions. Curesan product can improve printability, enhance dry and wet coating pick strength, as well as improved wet rub resistance.


A line of liquid calcium stearate lubricants used in coating formulations. Calsan has demonstrated the ability to lubricate the coating in the wet state for clean runnability, and provide improved flow and leveling characteristics. The addition of Calsan lubricant will also permit increased steam usage during supercalendering operations to achieve desired gloss levels while holding dusting to a minimum. Finished coatings which have incorporated Calsanâ lubricant will exhibit a smoother, satin-like feel after supercalendering and will be less likely to exhibit cracking after folding.


A sodium polyacrylate polymer dispersant frequently used to wet and stabilize pigments and other particles as well as enhance coating stability and viscosity.


A proprietary polymeric, surfactant based defoamer that provides outstanding foam control at significantly lower dose rates than many conventional water-based defoamers, without the negative impact of typical oil-based defoamers. FoamBrake has minimal impact on sizing when used at recommended levels, its highly effective on surface foam, and effective over a broad pH range with best performance in alkaline systems. FoamBrake can be fed neat or pre-mixed with in-line water for economical dose control.

Last Update January 31, 2023