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United States
Dispersions, Resins and Additives

Industries and applications

BASF takes a market facing approach to customer service. This approach allows us to take a holistic look at our customers' needs. We opperate in six key market areas - automotive, constructions, printing and packaging, furniture and flooring, paints and coatings, and paper coatings. 

Green Sport car on a highway

Automotive & transportation

BASF offers single source, end-to-end solutions for the automotive and transportation coatings industry. Thanks to the diversity in product and application expertise, depending on customer needs we can deliver a wide range of resins, functional additives, curing agents, rheology modifiers and light stabilizers.
Painting walls of an empty room. Renovation house.

Architectural coatings

BASF is a leading raw material supplier in the paints and coatings industry, offering an extensive portfolio of binders, colorants and additives as well as technical expertise  for interior coatings, exterior coatings, primers and specialty applications.
White Hall hospital indoor residence, medical


Looking for a floor finish that holds up to heavy foot traffic? We've got you covered. The ACROFLOR® product line is your solution for glossy, durable floor finishes that are easy to maintain.
Flooring: Wood Kitchen

Furniture & floor coatings

No matter what your desire for your furniture and flooring applications, we create chemistry to provide coating raw material solutions that meet your performance and environmental needs. 

Industrial coatings

BASF advances the industrial coatings market by offering an extensive portfolio of binders and additives that make coatings more durable, efficient, functional, and sustainable. 
Paper Coatings

Paper coatings

BASF is your partner for paper and paperboard coatings. Our products provide answers to today’s market challenges for coated paper and board, focusing on cost optimization and improved appearance and functionality.