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Printing, Packaging and Adhesives

Paper & Paperboard

Economical, yet versatile. 

With our technical expertise and broad portfolio of resins and additives, we can custom fit your needs to advance your formulation for paperboard and corrugated board printing applications with the BASF commitment to high quality and superior performance.


BASF offers a broad portfolio of emulsions of additives, dispersions, pigments, resins and resin solutions for paper printing applications including label, folding carton and corrugated inks and overprint varnishes.

Ingredients that enhance your packaging inks

We offer raw materials suitable for use in different ink systems for flexographic and gravure printing. Combined with industry experience and technical knowledge, we enable you to formulate the desired performance properties into your inks.

Effective packaging

Increase the effectiveness and structural qualities of your packaging solutions with BASF acrylic polymers and additives. We understand the performance challenges you face with your customers, such as product quality and consistency, resistance and resolubility, grinding efficiency and color strength, low VOC and food-contact compliance. That is why we develop innovative solutions that address a multitude of these performance attributes.

Overprint Varnishes (OPV)

A touch of excellence

Add a high quality finishing touch to your printing project with a wide range of resins and emulsions for overprint varnish (OPV) applications. With our products you can formulate a clear or tinted varnish for a matt, satin or glossy finish.

Our products provide your OPV with properties like:

  • Good gloss and clarity
  • Hold out
  • Excellent Resolubility