Vendor Interaction Portal

The digitization of business interactions is an essential step on the way towards Industry 4.0. We want to take this step together with our suppliers. Therefore, we are now using the Vendor Interaction Portal (VIP) to handle the purchase-to-pay process.

The Vendor Interaction Portal (VIP) is a cloud solution that allows us and our suppliers to transmit all documents in the purchase-to-pay process fully digitally. This way, every step from the purchase order through to the invoice becomes paperless and standardized.

Beyond the immediate efficiency boost for all involved parties, we are also working to convince other large companies in the chemistry sector of the benefits of this solution. The resulting industry standard is especially beneficial for suppliers who are then able to communicate to a lot of their customers via one digital channel.

To provide us with the technical solution for VIP, we have chosen two of the leading providers in the field of process digitization: Elemica for raw materials, packaging and merchandized goods and SAP Ariba for technical goods and services.

Our suppliers find more information via the links below. Depending on what you are delivering to us, one of the two solutions is relevant for you.