Who we are

Our Research and Development

Effective and efficient R&D is a prerequisite for innovation. We are well positioned: With approximately 11,000 employees at 70 locations, we work on sustainable solutions for our customers every day. We benefit from the growing opportunities that digitalization and supercomputing power offer us.

Our most recent topics and highlights

More and more electric cars are registered worldwide every year. At the same time, the raw materials for the batteries are limited and mining them is associated with negative environmental impact. BASF researchers at the Ludwigshafen site are therefore developing a new chemical process to recycle high-purity lithium from these batteries. This will also avoid waste and reduce the CO2 footprint compared to existing recycling processes.Chemical engineer Dr. Matthias Voges (left) and chemist Dr. Kerstin Schierle-Arndt (right) examine the lithium salts obtained from the new process.

Research focus

We are a global leader in chemical industry R&D. Our researchers in labs around the globe are working on hundreds of research projects to meet the challenges of our customers.

Our global R&D network

Our three global research divisions are run from our key regions – Europe, Asia Pacific and North America - complementing our customer-facing business segments to form the core of our Know-How Verbund.

Our methods and enablers

Digitalization in R&D

Digitalization in R&D

We integrate digital technologies into everyday operations and make them an integral part of any R&D project workflow to boost effectiveness of research, increase efficiency and open up new innovation opportunities - and we are supported for example from the supercomputer Quriosity.