Questions on Online Assessment

You are interested in learning more about our Online Assessment? In the following, we have collected the most important questions that you might have.

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We receive many good applications for some of our open job positions. As we cannot invite every applicant for a personal interview, we need to implement a strict pre-screening process, which is based on the received application documents. These documents will still remain very important for the application process but only provide limited information on some aspects such as your long-term potential. This is why we provide an online assessment for the preselection process. The online assessment helps us to identify the candidates who match best to the open job positions. Therefore, we get a closer look at a wider range of candidates when using this tool. Last but not least, it provides you with another chance to convince us with your personality and your skills.

We use the online assessment during the preselection process. If your application documents have convinced us, you will be invited to take part in the online test. After this, we are going to conduct a telephone interview before you are invited to a personal interview.

Simply spoken: the online assessment measures those aspects that make people at BASF be successful in the long term. Cognitive performance tests and personality questionnaires assess your individual skills and your potential and compare them with the job requirements for a specific job position. Furthermore, you are asked questions about your professional interests.

Yes. A feedback report is provided to every participant of the test, regardless of the testing result. Within this feedback report, you will find a ranking of the different test modules, which shows in which parts of the test you have received the highest score and in which you have lower scores. Please consider that we cannot provide you with any further details about your test results. You can usually access the report a few days after completion of the test by logging in again with your access data from the invitation.

There is no specific preparation needed for the online assessment. You will not be asked knowledge questions or questions about study contents. There will be explanations and sample questions for each part of the test so that you will start well prepared into the evaluated part of the online assessment.

No. By sending out the feedback report, we want to thank you for your participation in the online assessment. It does not contain any decision on your application. We are going to contact you separately, as soon as we come to a decision on your application.

The test as a whole takes 60-90 minutes. It consists of different modules. We recommend you to complete the test modules all at once. But if needed, you may also complete the different modules of the test separately.

We agree with you: the online assessment does not replace personal interviews. It is as important to us as it is to you to get to know you personally. However, it is not possible to invite all applicants to an interview. The online assessment helps us together with the application documents to decide whom we want to invite to a personal interview. Thus, the preselection process gets more comprehensive, more objective and thereby fairer.