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We’re looking for digital enthusiasts who see beyond what other people see when they look at data!

Discover the world of BASF and develop data solutions for Chemistry 4.0 - for a sustainable future. Use the potential of Data Science, latest technologies and data sources to drive the digital transformation in the chemical industry.

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Our employees are just as diverse as our fields of activity. Everyone – from our developers and data engineers right through to our IT consultants – is fully dedicated to transformation management.

As a member of our team, you’ll benefit from this diverse range of expertise and we’ll help you to become a driver of innovation. Through the power of connected minds.

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Our innovations in the field of chemistry provide answers to exactly those questions that will concern humanity in the future: raw materials, environment and climate, food and nutrition, and quality of life. Trends in these areas drive our innovation process and determine the topics which we should pursue.

The influence of digital technologies is growing rapidly and is the driving force for the development of our processes and innovations. We want to utilize the opportunities associated with digitalization along the entire value chain. This is an exciting and multi-faceted project, which offers opportunities for the whole team.

Learn from the best engineers, researchers and business minds, who are blurring the boundaries between the physical and the digital world. As a member of our global team, you’ll have access to a huge network of more than 115,000 employees. You’ll work with them to develop trailblazing, innovative solutions that will change the future of our world.


In a world where data is the new oil, the path we're pursuing is digital. We’re driving the digital transformation of the chemical industry by creating an integrated, networked value chain, optimizing production processes, and boosting our innovative strength. And we’re using new business models to set ourselves apart from our competitors and to drive transformation.

Here at BASF, virtual modeling and simulations on the computer go hand in hand with real experiments at the lab bench. Our supercomputer Quriosity enables us to work efficiently on complex issues and shorten the time to market for new products.

In automotive coatings, we use real-time data from our customers' paint lines to optimally adjust the color shade to customer needs. This allows us to ensure that the car has the right shade.

In the "Predictive Maintenance" application, we use sensors to determine live data on operating states in our production plants and evaluate this data by incorporating historical process data. This enables us to predict the functional status of critical plant components.

The Maglis™ online platform connects data, technologies and people in an intelligent way. The platform helps farms grow smarter, market yields better and be successful.