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Operational Excellence Consulting: Our practices

We consult internal clients with regard to assets, processes, and people. For example, we support in optimizing production plants and assets to improve reliability, unit ratios, and capacities. We also assist in developing and implementing the right organizational set-up and interfaces for production and site services. Another important part of our service portfolio consists of enabling teams for strategy deployment, structured problem solving, and continuous improvement.


Walter Opper, Head of Practice Group

Our mission is to improve the technical performance of production and infrastructure plants. We focus on major cost drivers such as raw material and energy consumption as well as on the most relevant levers to grow the business, like reliability and debottlenecking.

Based on our profound expertise in chemical process optimization, we identify improvement opportunities with short pay-back times and sustainable realization of tangible benefits.


Katja Engelke, Head of Practice Group

With tailored solutions, we support our clients in developing their plant & site organization for the effective and efficient interaction of all functions. We assist plants and sites throughout the entire process in adjusting workload profiles, roles and responsibilities as well as processes and organizational structures. Our tasks include:

  • Guide through asset and site Target Picture Process​
  • Consult for plant and site organizational development​
  • Implementation support (change management, progress tracking, coaching, training)




Tim Jungkamp, Head of Practice Group

We enable our clients to attain strategic business goals by energizing people and fostering process excellence with fast & tailored implementation.​ The tools and services in our portfolio help our clients achieve objectives such as:

  • Strategy execution - by closing the execution gap ​​
  • Project execution - by ambitious process target pictures  ​​
  • Change - by navigating BASF teams through cultural change, and removing obstacles with scalable routines for tactic interventions​​
  • Profitable growth - by nurturing value drivers & eliminating sources of waste in processes 
  • Seamless processes - by identifying performance killers & hidden levers 

As part of our global unit, our regional consulting service units in North America, South America and Asia-Pacific provide bundled expertise for OpEx concepts, projects, methods, enablement, and sustainable implementation.​

Our regional units are solution providers, implementation supporters, know-how hubs, and training centers for the BASF Operations community.


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